What are the best brindle dog breeds?

Brindle refers to the name of a coat colour pattern on dogs that features a brown base colour, which is overlain by dark brown or black stripes. These markings create a tiger like pattern, which can also be blotchy in some dogs. Also called striped colouring, the brindle dog look has plenty of fans globally. Another popular colour pattern is the black and tan pattern found on large breeds such as Dobermans and the Rottweiler. The brindle pattern can occur in all breeds. Thus, if you decide that you would like a brindle dog, you are not limited in the breed you can pick. However, this look more often appears in shorthaired dogs. Here are some of the most popular brindle coloured breeds in the world.

Treeing Tennessee

This dog weighs around 23kg and is often no taller than 61cm. Its appearance can be deceptive. The lack of dominance in its stare is more than made up for in its behaviour. The dog is an excellent hunter and companion for its owners.

Boston Terrier

The common colour for a Boston terrier is black, seal, and some white markings. In this brindle, you can sometimes find all the three variations. It is usually small and features pointed ears. Their coats are short and require little maintenance in terms of grooming. They are loyal companions and can be quite fierce if threatened or when they meet strangers.


A medium-sized breed that has a short coat. The boxer is often a brindle but sometimes features only some brindle markings. It is quite loyal and affectionate to its owner. These dogs are energetic, bright, active, and love being part of a family. Their placid temperament makes them a great choice if you have kids. These dogs are quite responsive to training. However, it is important to get the training started as early as possible. They love being close to the owners and they are excellent guardians.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

It is a small to medium-sized dog and is amongst the oldest herding breeds in the world. Corgis come in various colours and one of them is the Brindle. They are wonderful pets to be around but require regular mental stimulation and physical activity. This breed has been known to resemble foxes with their slim body and big ears.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This medium-sized breed features a stocky build. They are amongst the most loyal dog breeds and it is important to train them well and socialize with them. The brindle coat is quite popular with fans of the breed. The striped look on their short hair is usually quite appealing. Its coat requires almost no grooming to keep it looking great. The breed has often been portrayed in a negative light due to its appearance. However, if it displays any bad behaviour, it is often due to poor training and lack of socialization. It can be quite loving and affecting if it is trained and socialized well.

Great Dane

This is a regal and ridiculously big breed. The Great Danes are one of the largest breeds in the world. They can weigh up to 200 pounds and can stand as tall as three feet high. For people living in cramped apartments, they are not a good option due to simple logistics. Besides that, these dogs are renowned for their buckets of drool, which is something to keep in mind when getting one. Despite their imposing size and appearance, Danes are amongst the most gentle and lovable dogs in the world. Their demeanour is often calm and dignified. The Danes come in nine different colours and brindle is one of them.

Bull Mastiff

The breed comes in different colours that include apricot, fawn, and of course brindle. If you have the space for it, the mastiffs are great companions due to their loving nature and gentle spirit. They require only modest exercise and are often content to lounge for hours at a time. For new dog owners who may not understand what it takes to care for a dog that is over 220 pounds, mastiffs may not be the best choice. However, they are loving dogs who love being part of a family.


Greyhounds are another awesome breed than shows the brindle colour in some specimens. In fact, this dog can display various brindle colour patterns. Although they are most famous for being fast, the Greyhounds are typically dogs that like to snuggle up and snooze. While they do need exercise and the chance to run for about 30 minutes daily, they are not as high energy as many people might imagine.

While greyhounds are usually sweet dogs and gentle, those that have been at racing tracks for many years might have been mishandled. It can cause them to become shy or reactive in some cases. As a result, first-time dog owners of this breed might experience a hard time with it.

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