10 Facts About French Bulldogs That You need to know

frenchie bulldog
Running french bulldog on a walk in the park.

French bulldogs are the cutest animals. At least, we can say so, judging by how many videos of them you can find on social media and the number of views that they get. They are also hilarious as they can be seen wearing disguises and doing strange things, like trying to chew on a peanut. Here are ten things that you need to know about them, before your next video viewing session, of one of these little rockstars, in the kingdom of pets.

Their Weight needs to be monitored

This is important: You cannot let your French bulldog become obese. Otherwise, they will start having important health issues. Look for muscle definition. If you don’t find any on your dog, it is time to place him on a strict diet. Otherwise, a French bulldog lifespan is about 10 to 12 years.

They are the Favourite Dogs in the Whole Wide World

Yes, French bulldogs are not only popular online. They are also the favourite dog to own in real life, all over the world. Although they only rank fourth in the USA, the global worldwide average has them sitting on top of the podium. It can be said that it is finally the end of world domination by German Sheppard and Labrador Retriever. French bulldogs are finally under the spotlight, as more and more people adopt one. The only problem is that it increased their cost. But how much is too much to own such a wonderful pet?

The Best Dressed

It is not a surprise that French bulldogs are the best dressed dogs in the world. After all, they are French! It is no joke, though, that these dogs have become popular, in part, due to the fact that they can wear just about any costumes and look cool in them. You can make them look silly, classy, funny or even stylish. If you want ideas on how to dress them, just do a search online, and you will find yourself with thousands of ideas.

They can’t Swim

Well, this isn’t true for all of them. However, we don’t recommend that you try placing them in a pool of water where they can’t touch the ground. You definitely risk drowning them.

They are Sensitive

Be careful what you say to your French bulldogs, or you may hurt their feelings. If you do, they will fall into a small depression, just moping around the house, until you start giving them love. Then, they will be happy again.

French Bulldogs aren’t French

Although they have the French name and style, these dogs actually come from Nottingham in the UK. However, the breeding rapidly came to take place in France, which is why they inherited the French title.

They fart a lot

That is not their best attribute, for sure, but French bulldogs do fart a lot. That is due to their highly sensitive stomach. If you adopt one, be ready to live with the smell they leave in the air.

French Bulldogs don’t breed Naturally

This may seem strange, but it is true. French bulldogs need to be inseminated, in order to give birth to a litter. This is due to a hip problem, which makes it difficult for the male to get over the female, in order to procreate.

There are Two Shapes of Ears on French Bulldogs

Some of these dogs will end-up having floppy ears as they grow, while others will have erect ones. It is something that owners are very curious about, as they watch their baby French bulldog develop into adulthood.

French Bulldogs were the Family Pet of the Romanov

Let’s end-up this list with hope and happiness. When the Romanov family were killed, during the revolution, their beloved Ortino (a French bulldog) managed to survive.

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