5 Top Tips For CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

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In recent years, Cannabidiol or CBD has gained a lot of attention as a multifunctional nutritional supplement. A derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD mimics naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body and is used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions like arthritis. 

CBD oil is not just beneficial to humans, however—it can also be used to keep our furry friends happy and healthy as well. All animals have an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which uses naturally produced cannabinoids to help regulate the balance between other systems. 

Supplementing your cat or dog’s diet with CBD can help keep their ECS functioning healthily. If you are planning on giving your pets CBD oil, here are some key tips to using it for their optimum benefit:

Find The Right Product

Though CBD helps regulate the ECS in humans and pets, pets and people require vastly different dosages and are affected differently by the compounds present in cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that causes the feeling of being “high” associated with marijuana use, is toxic to pets.

Fortunately, hemp contains much lower levels of THC than marijuana. CBD oil from hemp is both more widely available and safe for your pet, with THC levels as low as 0.3%. Organic oils are the best option, so make sure that the oil is processed via cold press extraction or another safe extraction method so that it doesn’t contain any potentially toxic solvents. 

Lastly, to ensure the proper dosage, specifically use CBD oil for cats and dogs, as products targeted for humans will have different levels of cannabinoids and may be dangerous for your pet. For a wide selection of high-quality, organic CBD oil products for pets, visit www.holistapet.com.

Know Your Pet’s Problems

CBD oil can address a wide range of health issues, but before you start administering it, you should be sure of what issue you are hoping to address. As a nutritional supplement, CBD is like any vitamin you give your pet—it is meant to enhance their happiness and health. But without knowing how you want it to help, it may be difficult to tell if it is working! CBD is most commonly used to treat anxiety in cats and dogs, but it can also help combat inflammation and joint pain, as well as improve digestion. Corgi dog smile and happy in summer sunny day

Find The Proper Dosage

Just as a human’s CBD needs are vastly different from a cat or dog’s, a 10-pound housecat is not going to have the same needs as an 80-pound German Shepherd. Many retailers will offer a dosage chart so that you can calculate how much CBD oil your pet should take regularly. Some even offer CBD mixed with other beneficial herbs, such as catnip for the pickiest of cats. 

As CBD is regulated as a nutritional supplement, it is important to consult your vet if you are considering giving your pet CBD. Your vet can help you determine if CBD is a healthy option for your pet, and how much and how often you should give it to your cat or dog.

Make It A Part Of Their Diet

Most CBD tinctures for pets will come with a dropper cap, but it’s unlikely your pet will tolerate you simply squirting it into their mouths. First, offer the dropper for them to smell. If they begin to lick it, you’re in luck! They probably like the taste, and you should have no problem feeding it to them. If they aren’t so taken by it, you can sprinkle it over food or treats. For pickier pets, an irresistible treat (tuna fish for cats or peanut butter for dogs, for example) makes for a great ruse to get your pets to enjoy taking CBD. If you already have a routine for giving your pets vitamins, CBD will likely fit smoothly into this routine.

Use It Wisely

CBD is very helpful in calming an anxious pet and taking it should not be a source of stress for them—or you! Even if you have difficulty at first getting your pet to take CBD, remaining calm will help ensure that your cat or dog does not associate any stress with the supplement. CBD can also be key in helping address any other anxieties your pet may have. If they suffer from separation anxiety, for example, try giving your pet their dosage of CBD a half hour or so before you leave. The resulting feelings of well-being should help them adjust better to your absence. 

Bottom Line

The full benefits of CBD are still being explored. While it should always be used with caution and in moderation, it can likely benefit your pet’s health for the long term, helping you enjoy a happier, healthier life together! 


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