Getting to know the Black Pitbull

Black pitbull with yellow eyes

Most people are scared of black pitbulls as many news outlets claim that they are dangerous and bite people. As a matter of fact, a black pit bull can be one of the cutest dogs if you treat it right and can become the best friend of your family. Moreover, black pit bulls can also bring happiness and love to your life.

In this article, we will describe why black pitbulls got a bad reputation in the first place. Furthermore, we will also inform you how much a black pitbull can cost and what health problems to look out for after adopting one.

What’s the history of black Pitbulls?

Formally, black pit bulls were mostly raised to become fighters in brutal sports such as dogfighting and bull-baiting. The primary reason why they were used for fighting games is because of their muscular body structure and their powerful jaw. Therefore, the black pitbull consequently gathered a negative image through the years. That is the main reason why they are misunderstood and have a bad reputation nowadays. Nonetheless, various organizations are actively working against those illegal and brutal sports, while trying to better the perception that the public has of black pit bulls.

Sadly, this current reality also spawned a group of protesters against this dog breed. Basically, this group of individuals wants to let the black pitbull breed die out as they think these dogs are a danger for kids and adults. However, any breed of dog can bring harm if the dog is wrongfully raised, and that completely depends on the owner. Taking care and having responsibility for your dog is really important. They could be genetically violent, we cannot deny that, but if you teach them how to behave with love, they can be lovely dogs to everyone like any other breeds.

What do people misunderstand about Black Pit bulls?

Dangerous breed

As some people treat Pitbulls wrong, it makes some of them aggressive, and can sometimes lead to a random attack. However, that image has completely changed in the last few years. People now start to comprehend that it is just a normal dog that can be gentle and friendly, the same as other dog breeds. It does not only have a beautiful black coat, but it also has a very nice and honest personality.

Rare breed

People think that a purebred black pitbull is hard to find. On the contrary, since more and more people want to raise black Pitbulls, the breeders are often lying about their rarity, in order to inflate the prices.

How much does it cost to buy a Pitbull?

There are many types of pit bulls and their price can vary from one species to the next. Here we gathered a few examples so you can compare the prices and see for yourself that a black pitbull is not that much more expensive than other pitbull types:

How much for a Red nose pitbull?

The price for a red nose Pitbull generally starts from $350 and can go all the way up to $600 or even over $1000 in some cases.

How much for a Bluenose pitbull?

This pitbull type has seen an increase in prices lately. You can find one from $1000 to $3000, quite expensive, isn’t it?

How much for a Black pitbull?

Black Pitbulls have slightly decreased in prices compared to other pitbull types. Therefore, it is a good option to choose from.

In general, common breeders can sell you a black pitbull at the price of $100 to $500. However, if you buy from professional dog breeders, the cost could go from $500 to $2,000. Moreover, dogs that are coming from a famous pedigree are usually more expensive.

Finally, you can get a black pitbull for free (or for a cheap price) if you adopt one from an animal shelter. Many stray dogs do need a warm house and are patiently waiting for a lovely owner to come in.

What diseases can a Black Pitbull have?

Of course, black Pitbulls are very strong compared to many other dogs. However, they can still get sick if you do not take good care of them. The owner should get in touch and check-in once in a while with a certified veterinarian for normal health conditions such as:

  • Hair allergies
  • Skin issues
  • Tooth issues

Sometimes you might not notice that something is wrong with your black pitbull. The most regular health problems that black pit bulls could get during their lifetime are:

  • Allergies
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Heart diseases

To conclude, it is always helpful to bring your dog to the vet for a regular check, that way you are always informed on its health and well-being. And of course, a black pitbull receiving a lot of care and love is a happy dog.

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