What To Do If Your Dog Bites Or Injures A Person

The man is trying to stay stable despite of the dog's biting.
The man is trying to stay stable despite of the dog's biting. He has been spreading his legs to be more stable.

It’s often said that dogs are one of the most loved pets by many people as they offer companionship and loyalty to their masters. But sometimes, even the most domesticated dogs could accidentally hurt or bite someone. This is, unfortunately, one of the most recurrences for many people worldwide. Hence, it’s essential to know what to do when caught up in this predicament.
As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to prevent your dog from biting anyone. But when accidents happen and they mistakenly cause trouble to a random stranger, it’s paramount to know what action steps to take next. This will allow you to go through with the necessary ramifications of the incident.
Here are some steps to take when your dog has bitten someone:

Get The Dog Bite Treated Right Away

The primary step when your dog has accidentally bitten someone is to separate the dog from the victim. With no time wasted, you should attend to the victim’s injury right away when your dog has bitten someone. The sooner you treat an animal bite, the less likely to contract a bacterial infection. Also, determine the severity of the wound.
It may be possible for them to conduct first aid on their own in some cases. However, when the bite is deeper and more severe, it’s crucial that they get immediate medical treatment from the hospital or clinic nearby. The victim must be driven towards the hospital as they won’t be able to move on their own. One good alternative is to contact an ambulance so the victim can be transported safely.
Regardless of how minor the bite may seem, it should be treated as soon as possible. A dog bite that appears insignificant at first glance can turn into a major problem very quickly. Hence, insist to the victim that they should get treatment right away. Also, apply some ways to make your dog feel less anxious, especially when they’re in this situation for the first time.

Interact And Exchange Information With The Victim

Consider the bite victim with courtesy and sympathy. There’s no use in arguing whether who’s at fault as you’re somehow most responsible since you’re the dog owner. Be careful not to place blame or become overly defensive. Also, keep in mind not to admit fault so soon as legal actions are taken later on.
Like any other accident, you must stay calm as you exchange contact information with the victim. Name, address, phone number, and so forth should be included. You should also prepare to share details about your dog’s breed and vaccination history so the victim can share them with the doctor. Read more additional info to help you succeed in facing this challenging circumstance.

Check If There Are Witnesses Around

Wherever the accident happens, try to find any witness within the area. Get the contact information for all the witnesses of the accident. Eye witness accounts provide a more accurate picture of what happened in the event of a lawsuit or an insurance claim. You can also ask whether they’ve documented anything on their phone or car camera.

Document The Dog Bite

Documentation is also an essential part after a dog bite. It’s necessary to document what injuries have been sustained, including visible injuries and their effects. You can take pictures of the victim’s injuries. Document everything through the use of different media devices like smartphones and cameras. You can also write your observations in a journal. Remember everything that happened in sequence and write them all down. It’s best to record them as soon as possible.
You can suggest the opposite party to do the same documentation, as well as the witnesses. These records are all helpful upon legal actions later. Also, try to keep records of expenses related to the dog bite such as medical expenses or any financial compensation you’ve given the victim. You’ll be asked for such proof later on when there will be any legal proceedings.

Dog Bites. Document with label. Desk with books and judges gavel

Speak With Your Lawyer

Talk to a personal injury attorney to understand how the local laws are applicable in your situation and how you can move forward. It may be wise to seek advice from an animal law attorney if authorities have begun proceedings to declare your dog dangerous. You’d want someone to guide you through this situation’s legal matters.
You should consult a criminal defense lawyer if there’s a possibility of criminal charges after your dog seriously injures and bites a person. This is one way for you to take responsibility for dog bites.


Even if you’re not yet involved in this unfortunate predicament, it helps to stay informed on what to do in case your dog accidentally bites or hurts a person. Remember to take the necessary steps and follow the tips mentioned above to remain calm and act on the situation smartly. Also, keep in mind that it’s crucial to contact the best personal injury lawyer near you so they can assist you throughout your stressful journey.

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