What are the differences between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle?

labradoodle vs golden doodle

These two dog breeds are quite similar since they both are a crossbreed, which includes a Poodle. However, there are also some differences between the two, arising from the genetic of their unique breed; one being the Labrador and the other the Golden Retriever. Here is what you should know if you are trying to decide which one to adopt.

Labrador and Golden Retriever Breeds

When trying to define the differences between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle, you need to look at what is unique about each, and that’s their breed. Both are part Poodle but one is also a Labrador, while the other is a Golden Retriever. Therefore, you need to compare these two breeds to understand their differences. Although Labradors and Golden Retrievers are both friendly and playful, there are many other aspects of their personality and physical elements which separate them. Let’s compare these so you can decide which dog breed is best for you.

Labradoodle vs Golden Doodle – The Personality Traits

First, let’s just say that either breed will be perfect family dogs. They are even-tempered, which makes them perfect for kids. So what differentiates them?


Ask any owner of a Golden Retriever, and they’ll tell you that their dog is always in a playful mood. If you are looking for a happy dog, then the Golden Doodle definitely has this quality in him. In fact, this dog is always enthusiastic and ready to interact with you at all times, bringing happiness into the family.

A Golden Doodle likes to encounter new people. If you bring someone new to the house, he will automatically go to them and be friendly right away. That’s a difference with the Labradoodle, who is not as friendly; at least not from the get-go. He will eventually introduce himself to the newcomer, but in his own time.

Handling new environments

Because of their never-ending playfulness, the Golden Doodle will immediately be happy in a new setting. Since they are a bit careless, they don’t worry too much about anything. On the other hand, the Labradoodle is more of a worrier. Coming into his new home, he will have to sniff around first, to make sure there are no dangers that he has to worry about. It means the Labraddodle is apprehensive and will take his time to settle in a new environment.

Energy levels

These two dog breeds are highly intelligent. To keep them from showing behavioural problems during their lifetime, you need to keep them busy, playing games that will require them to think.

They are both known for their energy as they are considered retrievers. They need to run and to play fetch games, in order to be fulfilled. If your idea of a dog is one that sits lazily at your feet, and does nothing all day but follow you from one room to another, both of these breeds are not for you. If you adopt one, be ready for some high-energy activity to share with them.

If you need your dog to help you, Labradoodle are some of the hardest working dogs you will ever find. You often find them around people with deficiencies who need their help to complete their daily chores.


If you are looking for a protective dog, choosing the Labradoodle will be more appropriate. Although it is a friendly dog, he can also become temperamental, if he feels that he or someone in the family, is in danger. Be careful not to let him step over some boundaries, or aggression could become an issue.

The Golden Doodle is a happy-go-lucky dog. He’ll never become angry. But if you expect him to defend you in certain situations, don’t count on it.

Physical aspect

Both the Labradoodle and Golden Doodle reach about the same weight (between 55 and 80 pounds), which is larger than a normal Poodle. Their coat is also quite similar. Both are curly, but the Golden Doodle is longer and also wavy. The Labradoodle comes in a large variety of coat colours, while the Golden Doodle goes from gold to caramel, with a red spectrum.

Do Labradoodle and Golden Doodle shed?

A lot of people know that poodles don’t shed. In fact, they are considered to be hypoallergenic; however, no breed doesn’t shed at all. And if you add that Labradors and Golden Retrievers shed a lot, then you understand that it could be an issue with the Labradoodle and Golden Doodle breeds.

How to Choose between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle?

Since we have shown you the differences between these two breeds, you may think that they are quite different. That is not true. They have a lot more similarities than elements that set them apart. Most importantly, they are both perfect dogs to enter a family setting. So if you are undecided between the two, visit a pet shop and let your heart choose the one between the two that it prefers. You can’t go wrong.

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