Relax My Dog: Sleeping Music and TV to Calm Your Pets

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Is your dog scared of thunder storms or fireworks? Is your cat anxious or showing destructive behaviour while you are away? Are your hamsters fighting as soon as you leave a foot from your house? If yes, do you know that simple musicotherapy could be the solution to all your problems? Relax My Dog is a website that specialise in relaxing music and TV for dogs, but it can be used as well on any other pets. Soothing away your animals’ anxiety and helping them to go to a peaceful sleep is now as easy as ABC!

Is Musicotherapy Really Helpful?

Well, some people consider it as a myth, but if they think so, it is probably because they haven’t tried it. On the other hand, all the dog owners, dog rehabilitation centres, vets and other dog sitters who have given a try to this method seem to be entirely satisfied, even amazed, at its efficiency.

Relax My dog proves it!, which you can also find on social media, has now reached over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is enough to prove that dog music therapy is truly something to bark about. It seems indeed that many users have had wonderful results using therapy music with their pets. Some positive reviews on their YouTube channel include:

“My dog falls asleep so fast and comfortable when I [play] the music.” Tiger Love

“My dog has had a tough start at life and these [videos] keep him very at ease and happy.” Shanda Diane

“I put [therapy music] on when I leave the house and my dog doesn’t bark ūüôā We live in flats so the other noises would annoy her.” Leanne C

“My dog Ivory sleeps so well whilst listening to the amazing music!” Trin W

“We run these videos all day while were at work. Our 2 rescues and the 9 fosters we have taken care of love it. Helps put them at ease and not worry so much when we are gone.” Ty Agnes

And it goes on and on, while negative comments are almost non-existant.

Uses Of Musicotherapy: When It Can Help?

Here are some situations that can cause anxiety to your pets and where musicotherapy should be a great comfort:

  • Thunder storms,
  • Fireworks,
  • While you are preparing to leave,
  • While you are away,
  • In case of sleeping problems,
  • Consoling whimpering puppies,
  • Reducing hyperactivity
  • Comforting sick or injured animals,
  • After a trauma, like surgery,
  • During car journeys,
  • At the vet’s,
  • While dog sitting…

Where Does The Music Come From?

What is exceptional about Relax My Dog music, is that it is composed in-house, by a team of professional producers, who use sound sweep technology especially designed to relax and calm dogs. This specific kind of music could be the relief you’ve been hoping for if you encounter difficulties raising your dog. Just give it a try and watch your dog relax before your very eyes!

Where can I find Relax My dog?

Relax my dog is available on the official website as well as on most social media:

What About Other Animals?


When the Relax My Dog website was first launched, musicotherapy for pets was just taking its first steps and couldn’t be found so easily. A lot of pet owners tried it on other types of animals, for which it did work, although less efficiently. When the authors of the project realised how much pet owners were interested in and asking for more music for other types of pets, they started working on a new version of the website, dedicated to cats this time, and soon launched Relax My Cat, which you can find at these addresses:


Horses are also well-known for being very responsive to many kinds of therapies, like whispering therapy, but also musicotherapy. A website is under construction at the moment, but we don’t know yet if it is the same project as and Keep a close eye on it.

Meanwhile, another solution that has made its proofs in this domain is the products of the French company Horsecom: they have developed a kit composed of two Bluetooth audio headset: one for the rider, one for the horse. This way, the horse rider can speak to its horse during a race or a ride. Also, thanks to the Bluetooth option, you can connect it to your smartphone and choose a music of your choice to play during the ride. For example, if your horse is too jumpy, you could try to play some Relax My Dog tracks. Although it might not be as efficient as on dogs, it still should relax your horse a little. On the other hand, if your horse is to calm and you are competing for a race, try some AC-DC tunes, it should give him a boost!


Now you know about all these solutions, calming your pets should be a problem any more!

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