Miniature Goats: A Big Pet That Stays Small Forever

A type of mini goat
Some like them small, others like them big. And what about a big pet that stays small forever? You might be asking are there miniature goats? Mini goats are the perfect middle way for those who like big animals staying cute all their life. Let’s introduce you to 5 types of miniature goats that make absolutely wonderful pets. Ready to rock?

Getting a Goat As a Pet

Those who live in flats or houses without a garden may pass their way. Goats make adorable pets, but they do need space to frolic around freely in order to stay well and happy, like in a farm of a house with vast open space. They used to be quite uncommon as pets, but mini goats became popular over the years because they are adorable, docile and require less space. These 5 types of miniature goats will confirm: they are small – approximately the size of an adult dog, stay small for life, and it is well-known that what is small is cute. This is also true for mini goats. A pet that stays cute forever? What else! Let’s have a look.

5 Types Of Some Of The Smallest Goats in the World

If you are a goat fan, you might want miniature goats as a pet. So, you may ask what is the smallest goat? The world smallest goat breed? Here are five species of the smallest goats in the world.

Pygmy Goats

Originally coming from West Africa, particularly in Cameroon, Pygmy goats are mainly raised for local milk and meat productions, but this is not why we are here for: they are also very sociable creatures and make very good pets thanks to their quite submissive nature! They love getting constant affection and giving it back. If you plan on getting one, you may ask how big are pygmy goats? You have to know that pygmy goat full size can grow up to about 21 inches in height, so they don’t need much space when rearing them.

As a bonus, the milk from pygmy goats is higher in calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and iron than that of full-sized goats. Please drink irresponsibly!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Also originated from West Africa, Nigerian dwarf goats can grow up to about 20 inches (17-19 inches for does and 19-21 inches for bucks). What makes them so cute is that they are so colourful and kind: you would almost want to have them sleep with you at night! They are also a very social type of goat, that’s why they have become popular as show goats, family pets or else hobby goats.

Like pygmy goats, Nigerian dwarf goats are often used as milking goats: if you feed them well, they will provide milk rich in butterfat, which is optimal is you plan on making your own goat butter.

Kinder Goats

Kinder goats are, in fact, a cross-breed of pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goat breed. Because small plus small equal super small, they only weigh around 100 to 125 pounds, which makes them the ideal type of goat if you own only a small garden. Like the previous species we talked about – and any kind of mini goats really, they are amazingly gentle and quite easy to look after.

Apart from being one of the most social pet, kinder goats are an excellent source of milk, which is super rich in butterfat: try to make your own cheese with it, you will be impressed!

Pygora Goats

Let’s leave the African continent to fly away to the US, where the Arizona Reservation, once lacking textile fibre, started to breed pygora goats by crossing pygmy bucks with full-sized angora does, making this new breed all puffy and fluffy. What else would you want as a pet as a sweet little cuddly friend like that? They can indeed produce different fiber, such as mohair (like full-grown angora goats), cashmere or even a combination of both.

Pygora goats show more differences in size and weight between does and bucks than other miniature goats: count approximately 65 to 75 pounds for a pygora goat size that can reach 22 inches for does, and 75 to 95 pounds with an average height of 27 inches for bucks. However, the pygmy goat lifespan can be approximatively 15 years long.

Nigora Goats

Nigora goats have the same origins as pygora goats, except that they are the result of breeding Nigerian dwarf bucks and angora does. As a result, they are very similar to these previous ones, apart from their weight which is a tiny bit lower. They grow the same kind of fiber than their cousins but produce better milk. They are also easier to raise, that’s why we would recommand them as pets a bit more than pygora goats. Don’t be mistaken, they are both very friendly and huggable, but if you have to chose between these two species, just know that nigora goats are a tiny bit less stubborn.

What You Must Know Before Adopting a Goat

Before you throw yourself into the mini goat adventure, just know that they are herd animals in nature and thrive better in a group, so consider taking at least a couple straight. You might also want to go for different types to foster diversification.

Also, be aware that does are usually kinder than male, as long as they are not pregnant. When pregnant, they can become quite defensive. Males can still be very affective, but if you don’t plan on breeding them, you may want to castrate them in order to make them more docile… and also prevent them from releasing an awful smell: non-castrated bucks’ pee smell very strong!

We hope that we managed to convince you that miniature goats are totally suitable as pets. And remember, hugs and affection are watchwords with these adorable creatures!

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