The Complete Guide on Native American Indian Dogs

Native American Indian Dog

Often mistaken for a Huskie or a Labrador, the Native American Indian Dog is a very particular breed of big doggies that traces its roots back to the old days of North America. In this complete guide, you will discover with us everything related to this beautiful animal; its origin, its diet, its temperament, and much more.

What are the main traits of the Native American Indian Dog?

Even though this dog looks a bit like a wolf, it was claimed by many professional breeders that “there is no wolf in the Native American Indian Dogs”. Instead, it was found that these dogs are a mix of various larger dog breeds such as the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the Chinook, and the German Shepherd.

In general, a Native American Indian Dog will have the following traits:

  • Weight is between 50 and 120 pounds
  • Becomes around 24 inches tall when reaching full adult age.
  • The fur color, meanwhile, plays between gray, white, black, and brownish tones, giving a unique color from one Indian dog to another.
  • The lifespan of the Native Indian Dog is usually between 14 and 19 years.

Is a Native American Indian Dog dangerous?

If you were wondering about the temperament of the American Native Indian Dogs, they are normally soft and docile. However, they can become aggressive if they feel danger or that their master is in danger, as they are very protective. The NAIDs are the perfect guard dogs or watchdogs, as they are big enough to protect your house from strangers.

Moreover, a lot of people think that they are descendants of the wolves, but that’s just an appearance. These dogs are safe for your children, as they will protect them and be kind to them at all times, so don’t worry. Furthermore, these cute four-legged creatures are very smart and loyal, if you’re a good master, they will stay by your side and follow you wherever you go.

What’s the proper diet for a Native American Indian Dog?

As you may have already guessed, the Native American Indian Dogs need a good dose of proteins and vitamins every day in order to stay healthy and happy. They are indeed pretty large beasts, so it’s normal after all.

To make it simple, we made this little list of ingredients your Native American Indian Dog should receive on a daily basis:


This is of course the most important. There should be a minimum of 18% animal protein in your dog’s diet. It can be from fish such as salmon or tuna, which was the main protein source of Native American Indian Dog ancestors. Many dog food brands offer a fish-based formula, such as the CRAVE Grain Free High Protein dry food.


Like humans, your dog will need lots of various vitamins, vitamin B, vitamin C, E, etc. Just make sure that the food you are giving to your Native American Indian Dog is complete. You don’t need to cook all the meals, even if these dogs look like wolves, they still love dry food and kibble same as the next pet dog.


Your dog’s coat will need not only proteins and vitamins, but also a daily dose of fat. There should be at least 5% of fat in your dog’s food to keep it healthy.


Finally, your dog like any other dog will need lots of water, especially if it’s been active a lot during the day. Just make sure that your pooch is always hydrated.

As an extra note, normally 2 meals a day should be enough for a Native American Indian dog. Also, be careful to dose the meals according to their age, as a puppy won’t eat the same way as a full-grown adult. The same goes if your dog is starting to get old (15+ years old).

Is it easy to train a Native American Indian Dog?

Native American Indian Dogs have always been protectors, as they are very loyal to their masters. So yes, of course, they are certainly trainable. When you are training them to do something or to follow your commands, simply treat them with praise and a little reward (dog candy, bone, etc.) so they will learn what’s good and what’s not. If you have a Native American Indian Dog, you are in luck because this breed, in general, is extremely smart, so they will learn your tricks and commands pretty fast if you teach them properly.

What are the common health problems with a Native American Indian dog?

Firstly, know that these wolf-like dogs are actually one of the healthiest breeds out there. They rarely experience any kind of severe diseases, as long as they are fed properly and constantly active. That said, one common health issue that was found through the years with the Native American Indian Dog is hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal formation in the hip joints. This health problem is usually due to the following factors:

  • Major injury
  • Stressful experience
  • Traumatic event

All the above can potentially trigger hip dysplasia in adult dogs (very rarely in younger ones). Aside from that, everything should be alright, as long as you don’t overfeed your dog! As they tend to love eating lots of food, that means there is a chance that your dog could become obese if you are not careful.

How much is a Native American Indian dog?

A Native American Indian Dog can be quite expensive and cost between $1,500 to $2,000. Finding a legitimate breeder that knows what he/she is doing is no easy task, as the Native American Indian Dog is a rare breed.

On that note, no, Native American Indian Dogs are not wolves, but they sure look like it! If you have the terrain and the budget to get one, it is totally worth it, as they will always be loyal and friendly with your family. Just make sure that you have enough space and also enough time, since they do require a lot of activity and attention in their lives.

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