Connected Objects for Pets: Are they Useful or Not?

Intelligent cat feeder

Now that our lives are connected to as many objects as we can possibly need, it seems like manufacturers are looking at our pets as a new potential market. You can now find connected collars, bowls and litters as more and more connected objects for pets enter the market. Should we consider them like gadgets or are these objects really useful? Let’s look more closely at a few interesting ones directed at cats.

Connected Objects for Cats

Do you own a lazy cat? How about getting him a connected ball thrower so he can exercise while you keep data on it? Or you can go for a mouse or a camera with a laser… There are various toys that will keep your feline friend jumping around which are now connected.

But it is not just about the game. In fact, some of these objects really do make life easier for the owner. This said, you will first need to have a chip implanted inside your cat, if it’s not already done. Nowadays, it is often positioned on their first visit at the veterinarian in case they ever get lost. It should cost you between 50 to 100 euros and then you will be able to connect your pet to a large variety of objects.

Useful Ones

Cat Flaps

You have installed a cat flap on your door. Now, the problem is: other cats come to your house and eat your animal’s food. Or maybe you would like him to have access to the outside of the house only between precise hours. That is now possible with a connected version of the cat flap.

When a cat presents itself to your door and tries to enter, the flap will not work if it is not your cat trying to enter. The object will recognize the chip inside your pet and will let him in, while keeping others outside. And since you can control it electronically, it’s up to you to define the hours when the flap will open in front of Félix or not!


If you have many cats, and some of them don’t get to eat their full portion because their pals steal their food before they get a chance to get to it, a connected bowl might be a good solution. The bowl is actually closed and will open only once it recognizes the cat it is connected to. Once he approaches his head towards the container, if it recognizes the chip, the bowl will open and the cat will be able to eat.

It is also quite useful for cats that need to lose weight. Through an application on your smartphone, you can monitor the amount of food your pet has eaten and stop him from getting more by blocking the opening of the bowl, even from a distance.

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